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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Are you an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Club ?

A.No, we are not. Our aim is to provide the average man or woman with the skills to survive a physical attack on the street, and defend themselves whilst staying on their feet, using Karate as it was originally intended, a system of self defence. However, if you are a beginner looking to get into training MMA we can definitely help. The skills that you develop in our style of Karate will transfer well to MMA. You will learn the essential skills of distance, timing, evasion, and how to kick and punch with power, accuracy and efficiency, not to mention many other skills. Have a look at the videos below to see Karateka who transferred their skills to the cage, at the highest level, and also a comparison of the movements of Karate with the movements of MMA.

Q. I have never done Martial Arts before. Will I be able to do it ?

A. Yes ! With our help and regular practice you will be able to reach your goals. Of course, we would not expect somebody who starts training much later in life to be able to physically do what a 21 year old can do. The beauty of Martial Arts is that as you get older and your physical capabilities change, your Martial Arts can change with you. It is such a vast and diverse field, that there is something for everyone. All you need is a willing attitude.


Q. Do you teach Groundwork / Ground Grappling ?

A. Karate teaches punching, kicking, striking, sweeping, clinching and throwing, blocking and evasion. One of the weaknesses of Karate is lack of technique if the fight goes to the ground. Once you establish a good foundation in Karate, you may wish to consider supplementing your training with Gracie jiu Jitsu, (which specialises in ground techniques). Please visit to see our Gracie Jiu Jitsu website.


Q. Can I come and watch a class before I join in ?

A. Yes, although we would always advise you to join in and have a go, you will get a much better feel whether it is for you or not by having a go, rather than watching. You will be made to feel welcome, and you will be safe.


Q. What should I wear ?

A. For Karate, for your first few classes you can wear any loose comfortable clothing, such as shorts / joggers / t shirt etc.

After a few weeks you will need to invest in a gi (suit), which should be a white gi top with black gi bottoms. These can be purchased from the club.


Q. There is another Bujinkai Karate Club in my area . Do you teach the same thing ?

A. All Bujinkai Karate Clubs originated from the same source, Shihan J Smith, the innovator of Bujinkai Karate.

However, in 2015, after belonging to the Bujinkai Karate Association for over 40 years, the club established itself as an independent karate club, with a restructured syllabus. Our intention is to teach all new students basic self defence skills FIRST. Our syllabus contains several elements which you will not find in other Bujinkai Karate clubs.

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