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Our Classes

Adult Karate

In our adult classes you will learn the basic building blocks of Karate. Unlike many other karate clubs, our aim is to equip the new student with real world self defence skills first, before learning any other aspect of the art, and the new student will therefore focus on establishing a good foundation in the proven self defence techniques and principles of Karate Jutsu (empty hand fighting). Our syllabus is well rounded, and provides students with skills in all of the key elements of karate, such as awareness, close quarter combat, body evasion, blocking, percussive impact, striking, kicking, sweeps and takedowns, joint locks and manipulation, and seizing and controlling techniques. The syllabus is structured so that students learn all aspects of the art, in a logical and progressive manner.

Childrens Karate Although very similar, to the adults classes, the junior syllabus excludes some of the more dangerous techniques, and is geared towards building a solid foundation of technical excellence, along with the benefits of character development. This class is suitable for 8 -13 year olds.


Little Karate Kids                            

If your child is between 6 or 7 years old, and you are interested in instilling them with unshakable confidence while reinforcing positive values and good character, the  Little Karate Kids class is the ideal starting point. This class aims to introduce young children to the discipline of the dojo, whilst improving their co-ordination, body movement and control, They will learn basic Karate techniques in a fun but disciplined class.

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