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Below is an approximate timeline showing the history of Marple Bujinkai Karate club.


1972 - Club begins under guidance of Shihan John Smith, after Bujinkai Karate Association was officially formed. One of over  40 clubs, located all over the country, as a result of John Smith being in demand all over the UK. Find out more about Shihan Smith, the founder of Bujinkai Karate here.


Mid 1970’s - Two Bujinkai Clubs operating in Marple, one in the Hawk Green Reading Rooms with Instructor Mick Rodgers, and one in the Marple Ridge High School, (now Cheadle & Marple Sixth Form College) with Instructor Colin Jefferson, 2nd Dan. Both clubs very popular, with many high quality black belts, including visiting instructor Alf Burgoyne, from Macclesfield club, and Brian Gibbons.


Circa 1983 - Marple Club moves to Marple Methodist Church, under the guidance of the late Pete Nelson. Hawk Green Club continues under Mick Rodgers.


Circa 1986 - Hawk Green Club taken over by Arthur Nelson and brother Pete Nelson, (pictured right).

Two awesome Bujinkai warriors !


Circa 1989 - Both clubs come under the instruction of Sensei Mike Heapy, and his team of assistant instructors, including Rob Dixon, Louise Dandy, John Basquill, John Weston, Pete Bailey, Dave Hammond & Nick Millward. Sensei Heapy successfully resurrects Bujinkai Karate in Stockport after a chaotic and turbulent period.


1991 - Hawk Green Club merges with Marple club.


1994 - Sensei Heapy concentrates his effort on building other Bujinkai clubs within the Stockport group, and passes instruction to Rob Dixon.


2003 - After  thirty years of “church hall” training, Marple Bujinkai move into their permanent dojo within the Marple Fitness Centre.


Nov 2008 - The dojo expands to its current size, from 1000 sq ft to 1400sq foot, thanks to the effort and input from all of it’s members.


Jan 2010 - The club take more floor space from XXL Fitness Centre. Our training area now comprises of 1400 sq ft of “stand up” training area, and an additional 1000 sq ft of judo mats, suitable for sweeping, throwing and grappling.


2014/2015- The club establishes itself as an independent group, breaking away from the Bujinkai Karate Association, in order that it can practice its own progressive syllabus.

August 2016 - New Rams head logo designed as the club logo, paying homage to the original Bujinkai logo, whilst indicating that we are a seperate group.

B13831_Marple Bujinkai Karate Club_Logo_SP_2_edited
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